Tips to Make the Most of Your First Time Skydiving

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Tips to Make the Most of Your First Time Skydiving

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take the plunge and live out a lifetime dream: you’re going skydiving in NJ! As in many other life-changing firsts, your initial foray into the world of skydiving should be special. With a bit of preparation, your special day will go off without a hitch.

Physical Preparation

Physical preparation for skydiving near New York City is not as extensive as many new to the sport tend to believe. In fact, no extensive physical abilities are required, particularly when tandem skydiving.


Loose fitting, comfortable clothing with ordinary sneakers is your best bet. Though it is a bit cooler in the air, the difference is only about ten degrees, so most of the time, there is no need for bulky jackets or several layers of clothing. Be sure to choose shoes that fit securely on your feet – flip flops and clogs are unlikely to stay on your feet for long in the air, and should be avoided. Longer pants are generally preferable to shorts, as you may want shins and knees covered when you land safely in the drop zone.


It is important to remember that you will be spending some time in training prior to stepping onto the plane for your first dive. Before you arrive at the field, consider eating a solid meal. You do not want hunger or a blood sugar dive to interfere with your enjoyment of the day. You may want to bring along a power bar or other snack to munch on if training goes longer than expected, or if there are any weather related and other delays prior to take-off.

Special Concerns

If you have had issues with motion sickness when flying in the past, you may want to take anti-motion sickness medicine such as Dramamine before leaving. Be certain to take it only as directed, and to choose the non-drowsy variety.


After preparing your body – inside and out – for your inaugural jump, you will want to prepare your mind, as well. Part of preparing yourself for tandem skydiving, for some, involves managing any fear you may associate with it.

We suggest trying an old psychologists’ trick called “cognitive restructuring”. Cognitive restructuring is simple, but powerful. To use this technique, simply recast your fear into more positive terms.

In the case of fear, this is quite simple, and science is your best ally. Did you know that fear and excitement, from a neurochemical standpoint, are nearly indistinguishable? That’s right. The same “brain juice” (neurotransmitters, to be more specific) causing your brain’s neurons to fire on all cylinders is active both when people are afraid and when they are excited.

So how can you use this to your advantage?

If you start feeling afraid, tell yourself – in your private thoughts and out loud if possible: “I’m so excited about this! I can hardly wait!”

You may be pleasantly surprised at what a difference a bit of science-based self-talk can make.


From seasoned trainers to first time jumpers, many say skydiving is an activity that nourishes their soul. Since you will be skydiving near New York City, you will be treated to unmatched views of the skyline from above. With nearly 8.5 million residents, the Big Apple is teeming with life, and you will have a bird’s eye view of it.  This is part of what makes skydiving in New York and New Jersey so special.  Many have reported experiencing a new sense of their place in the world, when seeing it, quite literally, from a whole new perspective. You may want to keep this in mind as your prepare for your introduction to the world of skydiving.

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