The season has begun

Skydive Jersey is pleased to say that 2012 is off to an AMAZING start.

However, the first day of a new season never begins without some trepidation. After taking a winter induced, multi-month sabbatical, we were certainly ready to get back at it. But there’s just something about that first day that has you running through your mental check list over and over.

Your brain repeatedly runs an automatic checklist. Do we have enough waivers? Is the drink machine stocked well enough? Have all the students been called and confirmed? Did we forget anything? Turns out I forgot the keyboard and mouse for our editing computer, whoops. Fortunately Katy brought a spare set from home.

Our first students arrived from NYC at 9:00 am. Emil and Katherine tore through their paperwork eagerly and finished the check-in process in a timely fashion. The two first- time jumpers were paired with Paul and Chuck and the training process began.

In the background our pilot, Colin, was busy performing pre-flight on the plane and filing NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) that parachute jumping would soon commence over N85. When the aircraft was given a clean bill of health and the aviation community had been notified to be alert when overflying Alexandria Field, Colin radioed down to let us know that we were a “go”.

The first jump of the season! Nothing rivals the feeling you get from knowing that summer is on its way and fun awaits. It’s almost a spiritual experience. And they were about to live it, up-close and extremely excellent.

Emil, Katherine and their two instructors were on the runway waiting for Colin to spool the engine. A slow application of throttle and the plane roared to life, cruised down the runway and gently lifted into flight – the day had truly begun.

Twenty minutes later the door was opened for exit. Katherine and Paul took a deep breath of the freshest air you can imagine and took the plunge.

The skydives were amazing, the sky was blue and the day rolled on beautifully. A total of fifteen loads were flown and thirty students had their worlds rocked!

The season… had begun.

So to our Jersey, NYC and Philly students – Get Ready.


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