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Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving at Skydive Jersey

We guarantee the skydiving experience of a lifetime! Prepare to have your mind blown. Tandem skydiving in NJ is the safest, most exciting, and easiest way for you to experience the rush of free-fall. Less than one hour of training will equip you with the necessary skills to participate in this ride of a lifetime. Your skydive includes a twenty minute plane ride over the scenic views of the Delaware river, Spruce Run lake, Round Valley lake, the Manhattan and Philly Skylines and the sprawling vistas of the local country side. Once at exit altitude you will be attached to the front of your instructor’s harness. The door will open, filling the cabin with a rush of air. When you feel the fresh air on your face, the excitement begins. Fifty seconds of free fall at over 120mph will sear a smile onto your face! When the free fall is over your instructor will deploy the parachute, resulting in a gradual deceleration to a very smooth 20mph. Your ten minute parachute descent provides a true bird’s eye view and your experience is capped by a gentle landing in the field adjacent our facility. Any friends or family you bring along will be right there to observe your landing. Hear more about the experience from our team by calling 866.669.3020 now!

Remember the experience Skydiving Video Package

“If it’s not on video, it didn’t happen” That’s a well-known quote that you’re friends are sure to repeat if you come home empty handed. You can talk about skydiving and you can describe to everyone what it was like but the best way to convey the experience is to show them. Skydive Jersey offers an incredible HD video package that’ll have you reliving each second of your skydive as if you were actually back in the saddle. We’ll capture your feelings before the jump, during the aircraft ascent, your tears and fears when the door opens for exit, the entire free fall and parachute descent and finally we’ll capture your post jump emotion. You’ll walk away with a documentary of your first tandem skydiving Jersey experience. Imagine you and your friends huddled around the entertainment center for the first screening of your tandem skydive video in full 1080p HD. It will be epic. See our skydive videos here!

What about my friends? – Group Skydiving Rates

Kick back and relax with us at historic and scenic Alexandria Field, and oh yeah – bring some friends. Skydive Jersey understands that you and your friends are always on the lookout for something fun to do. We offer exceptional group rates and an environment tailored to ensuring you and your group have a memorable experience tandem skydiving in NJ. You’ll have sprawling fields to enjoy, shaded hang out areas and covered picnic tables for everyone to enjoy while waiting for others in the group to jump. We even provide footballs, Frisbees and soccer balls if you want to kill time while waiting for your group to finish their jumps. Call 866.669.3020 about our group skydiving rates now!

How much does it cost to go skydiving?

1-3 People

$215.00 / per person
40 sec. freefall 5-6 min. parachute ride 7 Days a week Call Now!

To book call 866.669.3020!


$205.00 / per person
40 sec. freefall 5-6 min. parachute ride 7 Days a week Call Now!

To book call 866.669.3020!

HD Video Package

$109.00 / per person
Fully edited 5-8 minute video Choice of MP4 or DVD Minimum 50 photos Call Now!

To book call 866.669.3020!