How Does Tandem Skydiving Work?

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How Does Tandem Skydiving Work?

For first-time jumpers, the benefits of tandem parachuting are unmatched. When you are planning your first foray into skydiving in NJ, not only do you want to feel as safe as possible, but you also want to be as free as possible to fully immerse yourself in the experience. To meet those two objectives, we highly recommend tandem skydiving.


Since tandem skydiving does not involve the new jumper deploying the chute, the training required prior to the first jump is minimal. For new jumpers who are champing at the bit to get started, this is a tantalizing incentive.

Harnessing System

Before you board the plane, you will be fitted with a harness. This harness will attach you snugly to your instructor. Essentially, you will be wearing your instructor like a backpack. He or she will coach you as you step from the plane, fly through the clear air over scenic New Jersey, and land softly and safely back on Alexandria Field.


Modern skydiving parachutes differ considerably from the parachutes of old. Though many may picture classic, dome-shaped chutes when they think of skydiving, today’s chutes are actually rectangular. Domed chutes have largely fallen into disuse among sport parachuting enthusiasts, though they are sometimes still used in military and other applications.

There are numerous benefits to these contemporary chutes. For example, rectangular canopies are more readily controllable (“steerable”) than domed chutes, and facilitate a much softer landing. The precision with which jumpers reach their desired target on the ground is astounding.


In tandem skydiving, your instructor is in charge of chute deployment. He or she is a highly trained individual with thousands of jumps. In addition to the main chute, your instructor also carries a reserve parachute for the exceptionally rare situation in which the main chute fails. Chutes are equipped with monitoring devices that will deploy chutes automatically in the case of an emergency.

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