Tandem Skydiving in NJ: Conquering Your Fears


When approaching your first time tandem skydiving in NJ, a person such as yourself can expect to feel a broad range of emotions: curiosity, excitement, anticipation—and of course,  fear.

Fear is the emotion that we deal with most frequently in tandem skydiving, and it can be felt as soon as someone mentions the word “skydive” by the watercooler at work. This is a completely normal response to something considered an “extreme sport.” The problem is that fear is such a powerful emotional driver that it can terminate a person’s desire to jump before they even contact their local facility. This premature ending to what can potentially be an incredible and life-changing experience is certainly unfortunate, especially because it can be avoided!

People who watch skydiving in NJ from the outside (YouTube videos, TV, etc.) mistakenly assume that only the most fearless among us have what it takes to throw ourselves from a moving airplane miles above the beautiful landscape of New Jersey. They also think that these daring few are immune to the paralysis that genuine fear can invoke.

What these uninformed observers don’t realize is that experienced skydivers have taken a long and winding road to conquering the ever-present fear induced by jumping from a moving airplane. I have yet to meet a fearless skydiver. In fact, a certain amount of fear is a necessity in this sport. It keeps professional skydivers on their toes and reminds them that NJ skydiving in itself requires concentration and a readiness to react. It is when we become complacent and overconfident that problems present themselves, so there is always fear. But I’ve met plenty of skydivers who searched within themselves and found the courage to push beyond the limitations of their fear in order to seek the reward of a risky endeavor. And I assure you that you too can surmount this fear of skydiving. It will take a concentrated effort on your part to push through the unknown and embrace the beauty and exhilaration of a new experience.

How You Can Conquer Your Fear of Skydiving

The first step, of course, is to contact your local facility. As you talk to the staff about your jump, you may feel the fear resurface and a nagging voice in your head may ask you what in the world you think you’re doing. It’s important to realize that your fear isn’t necessarily from getting injured, or something not working properly on the parachute as you may convince yourself. Instead it’s a much broader fear—the fear of the unknown. To most, tandem parachuting is a nebulous idea, and thecircumstances are largely unknown. Your knowledge of the sport is likely limited to what you see on TV and hear in the news, neither of which are very reliable sources for genuine education on the intricacies of such a specialized activity like NJ skydiving, especially since the majority of skydiving coverage is focused on accidents, which in the grand scheme of things are very rare. It is this lack of understanding that’s hindering your endeavor, and not an emotion based in reality. The way forward in this instance is the same as when battling any fear of the unknown—knowledge.

Experienced skydivers pride themselves on their knowledge of the sport. They constantly seek information on new techniques, instruction, and advances in equipment. While a first-time skydiver will not need this sort of knowledge, you can still take a page from the same playbook and try to develop a better understanding of the (literal) leap you’re about to make.

When you call the facility you’re planning on jumping with, be sure to ask some of the basic questions:

  1. How does tandem skydiving work?
  1. How is my safety ensured?
  1. What are some of the potential dangers?
  1. What are the real risks involved?

A reputable NJ skydiving facility will be more than happy to spend time answering these questions and should be able to provide competent and informative responses. You should leave the conversation feeling like you know more about skydiving than when you began.

If you really want to beat that fear of skydiving, you could even take a day trip out to the skydiving facility that you’re considering. An in-person trip is a great way to increase your comfort level by meeting the instructors and the staff that you’ll be entrusting with your safety. Again, skilled and competent staff will be more than happy to take some time out and talk to you about skydiving. You’ll walk away with an increased knowledge of the intricacies of skydiving and the processes involved with making a successful jump. And if the conversation doesn’t help, your fears will certainly be mitigated after witnessing a few successful jumps for yourself.

Educate yourself in order to increase your sense of ease about your skydive. Tandem skydiving in NJ has come a long way since its “dark ages” in the late 60s. The technology is better, the equipment materials are better, and the techniques employed are better. Take some time to educate yourself on the reality of what tandem skydiving in NJ has become and you’ll be eagerly looking forward to your next skydive instead of fearing it.

Ready to Conquer Your Fear of Skydiving?

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