Spring is close.

Skydiving nyc

It’s in the air… Can you feel it?

Of course you can because yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and next week’s forecast is for temps in the mid 50’s! If that doesn’t herald a little bit of springtime then I don’t know what does. I even found myself in New York City yesterday enjoying the rays in Central Park. I couldn’t help but look up at that big blue sky and daydream of next month.

Why next month? Because that’s when we start skydiving again, BOOM, BOOYA, ETCicAWESOME! And let me tell you it’s not a moment too soon. I enjoy the frosty snow-flurry time of year as much as the next person but enough is enough. I prefer my cold and cloudy in small spurts and rather not in multi-month bouts. BRRRR!

I say → “Spring-ME!”

Of course, with the fast approaching skydive season we’re starting to be busy bee’s around the airport. Fresh coats of paint, landscaping, remodeling, you name it and we’ve now got less than one month to get it done. The pressure is on to get everything ready for another amazing season. Thankfully us members of the skydiving industry thrive on pressure.

We’re re-covering our shade area and painting it to match our picnic tables. This should provide a little more protection from the sun during the peak summer jumping months. Last year we had a few requests to “upgrade the shade” – and we listened.

The picnic tables are all getting a new shade of custom Skydive Jersey charcoal. We’re thinking the new charcoal on charcoal outdoor look is going to be SICK with our new landscaping. I certainly can’t wait to kick-it at the airport again 😉

Last but certainly not least: The hangar interior is getting a complete overhaul. New wall coverings, new ceiling paint and some fresh life sized banners of your favorite tandem instructors! Make sure to get your photo with a life size tandem instructor next time you’re out. Your friends will definitely be jealous.

Stay tuned for upcoming changes here at Skydive Jersey. We have some pretty monumental stuff planned for the 2013 season! Especially for our NYC folks.


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