Skydiving in Westchester, NY

Tandem Skydiving


Experience the Thrill of Westchester Skydiving

Are you ready to experience the Westchester area in a brand new and exciting way?

Experience the thrill of Westchester skydiving as you fly above the clouds with the wind beneath you and beautiful scenery in all directions. Satisfy your need for speed, freedom, and the ultimate rush as you free fall at an exhilarating 120+ mph, then coast to a smooth 20 mph and a tranquil parachute descent.


Skydiving Near NYC

Looking for something exciting to do this weekend?

Skydiving near NYC has never been easier thanks to Skydive Jersey. Our facilities are conveniently located near New York City, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We’re proud to serve the tri-state region, and our idyllic landscape is the perfect setting for anyone looking to get away for the weekend.

We are the skydiving New York specialists and love taking our customers out on Orange County skydiving adventures to share our love for the open skies. And to keep your adventure going, ask us about fun things to do in the nearby Spruce Run State Park and Round Valley Recreation Area, because both offer water sports and plenty of green space.


All Levels of Adrenaline Seekers Welcome

Whether you’re a first-time adventure-seeker or a hardcore adrenaline junkie, Skydive Jersey is prepared to blow your mind while keeping you safe and having tons of fun!

After your brief but thorough training session, your adventure begins with a 20-minute plane ride over the Delaware River, Spruce Run and Round Valley Lakes, the Manhattan and Philadelphia skylines, and the wide open spaces of the local countryside. Once we’ve reached the optimal altitude, you’ll be secured to your instructor’s harness, the door will open, and you’ll feel a rush of air right before you jump.

And that’s when the real excitement begins!


Tandem Skydiving with Skydive Jersey

The easiest and safest way to skydive, especially if you’re a first-timer, is tandem skydiving. Our licensed and professional instructors will put your anxiety at ease, and our friendly staff will arrange all the details to make your skydiving Westchester NY experience a breeze.


How Much Does Skydiving Cost?

Try comparing the cost of skydiving to the lifelong memories you’ll create with a legendary jump, and you’ll see why we are so passionate about this sport. Bring three or more friends with you to skydive and we’ll offer a discounted rate of just $185 per person!

Once you’re back safely on the ground, don’t forget your skydiving videos so you can relive your first or favorite jump for many years to come. Our video packages feature a fully edited 5-8-minute video on your choice of MP4 or DVD, plus a minimum of 50 photos to go along with it.

If you’ve ever been curious about how the thrill of skydiving looks and feels, there’s no better time than the present to give it a try and live life to the fullest!

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1-3 People

$195/per person

40 sec. freefall

5-6 min. parachute ride

7 Days a week

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4+ People

$185/per person

40 sec. freefall

5-6 min. parachute ride

7 Days a week

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HD Video Package

$99/per person

Fully edited 5-8 minute video

Choice of MP4 or DVD

Minimum 50 photos

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