Skydiving Philly

Skydiving in philly

Skydiving in Philadelphia

Skydive Jersey is located just over the Pennsylvania border on the eastern side of Bucks county.

We're open 7 days per week and can accommodate you and your friends virtually any day. Skydive Jersey has built an incredible reputation in the area for fast, efficient, and professional service. We're so sure that you'll be swayed by our positive reviews that we present our Yelp page for your perusal. Nestled away in the gentle hills of Central Jersey we offer some of the most breathtaking scenery in the United States. Skyline views of both Philadelphia and NYC will be enough to take your breathe away. You’ll be talking about your experience with Skydive Jersey for the rest of your life.

But enough about us - What about the Skydive, right?!

Tandem skydiving is our safe and reliable recommendation for first time jumpers. As the student you will be securely attached to the front of your instructor, who is in charge of managing the details of the skydiving experience, while you sit back and enjoy the rush. Training for the tandem skydive takes no more than twenty minutes of one on one time with your instructor. The entire experience begins with a brief training session. In this training session you’ll learn all about the airplane exit, basic free fall body skills, parachute flight and control. Afterword you’ll be ready to make your first skydive with one of our United Sates Parachute Association certified tandem skydiving instructors. Your experience will include a thirty minute plane ride. Your ascent to exit altitude will include a scenic flight over of historic Pittstown NJ and the surrounding countryside.

Must mention promotional rate. Just call 866.669.3020!

Tandem Skydive

$175.00 /per person
10-15 min. of instruction 18 min plane ride 40 sec. freefall 5-6 min. parachute ride 7 Days a week Call Now!

Tandem with Video

$274.00 /per person
40 sec. freefall 5-6 min. parachute ride Fully edited video Minimum 50 photos 7 Days a week Call Now!

Tandem w/Video & Shirt

$294.00 /per person
40 sec. freefall 5-6 min. parachute ride Fully edited video Minimum 50 photos Skydive Jersey Logo T Call Now!