Skydiving in Pennsylvania PA

Tandem Skydiving

Skydiving in Pennsylvania PA

Imagine the taking the day off work, getting in the car, and driving out of state fast with the windows rolled down. It's an adventure. It's freedom. It's seriously fun. Now amp it up with even more adrenaline, more wind and beautiful scenery, and step into a day unlike any other with Skydive Jersey.

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydiving is unlike any other experience. No other adventure gives people the opportunity to experience flight in the raw. No matter your experience level, it takes under an hour of training to prepare divers for the greatest adventure of their lives. Divers can safely freefall at 120 mph for just under a minute with one of our experienced instructors, savoring the beautiful views as they drop.

The Scenery

Located in Pittstown, New Jersey and nestled in lush greenery, Skydive Jersey takes skydivers away from it all. After the parachute is deployed, take in stunning views of the Delaware River valley from the comfort of a parachute vantage. The fresh air and rolling hills are a stunning, unforgettable sight. Adventure seekers float in a world above it all for around ten minutes before a Skydive Jersey instructor will gently guide divers to a safe landing area.

Commitment to Safety

Part of what makes tandem skydiving with Skydive Jersey such a rewarding experience is their commitment to a safe ride. From the moment divers enter training to the time they land, their instructors make sure the flight goes off without a hitch. Safety is their number one priority. A big component to safety is also location. Unlike smaller skydiving outfits that may provide only a narrow landing area, Skydive Jersey has set aside a large tract of grassy field for their divers. Our facilities are also just a short jump across the state line from their Pennsylvania neighbors, making them a convenient choice for weekend excitement.

Skydive Jersey Offers Special Rates for Pennsylvania Skydivers!

Skydive Jersey is conveniently located in Pittstown, NJ and is easily accessible from multiple routes. Click here for personalized directions. For Pennsylvania residents, we offer a special discount for the extra distance you travel. See our rates below!

Book Your Adventure with Skydive Jersey

Next time adventure calls, don't answer back with the same old routine. Skydive Jersey is truly a vacation for the senses. Create memories of a lifetime by contacting us today!

Our Rates

1-3 People

$195.00 /per person
40 sec. freefall 5-6 min. parachute ride 7 Days a week Call Now!


$185.00 /per person
40 sec. freefall 5-6 min. parachute ride 7 Days a week Call Now!

HD Video Package

$99.00 /per person
Fully edited 5-8 minute video Choice of MP4 or DVD Minimum 50 photos Call Now!

To book call 866.669.3020!