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Danger, excitement, heroic tales of daring – we’ve got it all.

Skydive Jersey is located in the heart of Central Jersey for your convenience. Being one hour west of NYC, we’re a short and scenic drive from anywhere. Our facilities are part of Alexandria Field, one of the longest operating family owned airports in the country. The airport and surrounding countryside are treasures of history unto themselves. Tucked away in the rural area of New Jersey, we offer some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Skyline views of NYC, Philly and the surrounding mountain ranges make our location an unforgettable one.

An atmosphere of fun and relaxation is waiting for you at Skydive Jersey. We want you to get out of the urban sprawl and come relax. You and your friends will enjoy our picnic areas, wide open fields and general laid-back atmosphere. We even provide footballs, soccer balls, frisbees, and tetherball for the more active amongst you.

More than just a skydive – Make it a day trip

You’re going to commute an hour-plus to make a skydive with us and we understand that it’s a real commitment. We will provide you with some neat resources to help you make the most of your day. Depending on the scheduled time of your jump you might want to get to the area a little early or stay a little late to enjoy the many activities that this part of New Jersey has to offer.

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Fun Facts, Skydive Jersey:

  • When Tony Hawk wanted to make a skydive, Skydive Jersey’s instructors were the one’s entrusted with his safety. Tony loved his jump!
  • Skydive Jersey instructors have been featured on CNN’s Nancy Grace as “Skydiving Experts”.
  • Our instructors have been principle actors in nationally syndicated commercials such as Remax International’s “Reach for the Sky” campaign.