Skydive Jersey Opening Day


It’s already shaping up to be a great season at Skydive Jersey! On our opening day we reunited with instructors and staff and welcomed a few new faces. We have a new pilot, Ben, whose extensive flying experience began in Oregon, then continued in several other locations, including working with skydivers in California, Las Vegas, and South Carolina. Like most of us here at Skydive Jersey, Ben has a soft spot for animals, and he is soon to be reunited with his puppy, eagerly awaiting him in Alabama.

In addition to our brand new pilot, we are also operating a PAC750xl plane this season, which is much larger than the Cessna 182 we flew last year. With the Cessna, we were only able to take two tandem skydive students at a time. This year, we are able to take six tandem skydiving students per load, which not only increases the amount of students we can accommodate, but also decreases the wait time for scheduled students.

We were excited to see a whole new group of students on opening day, all of whom had a great time jumping with our instructors. Describing their jumps as everything from “vertical” to “amaze-balls,” these students all agreed that their experience at Skydive Jersey was one to remember.

Ready For Your Tandem Skydiving Experience?

We can’t wait to see you here at the drop zone, too! We are open seven days a week, and we are always available to answer questions or take reservations.  Call us at 866-669-3020 for details or fill out a contact form to book your skydive today! Here’s to an amazing 2014 season!


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