Skydive for Your Anniversary: Love Is In the Air


Skydive for Your Anniversary: Love Is In the Air

Your wedding anniversary is right around the corner. You’ve been wracking your brain for the ultimate gift idea, but keep coming up empty. Jewelry seems passé. Does he really even want a power tool? The idea of repeating the same, tired dinner-and-a-movie routine already has you bored to tears.

Not to worry. There is a solution.

Instead of resorting to purchasing something that will be left to gather dust, why not try something completely different? Spice things up by doing something utterly unexpected.

What could be more memorable than taking your beloved for an adventurous day of tandem skydiving!

Celebrate Your Love by Skydiving in NJ!

Anniversaries represent a celebration of your love. “Traditional” gifts such as candy or flowers often accompany this celebration, and this type of exchange has become something of a ritual for many couples.

Gift-exchange, however, is only one of a variety of “love languages”. A love language is the mode of communication through which one best understands and experiences love. Time, affirming words, actions, and physical touch are other forms of loving communication. Your own love language may differ from that of your spouse. For example, though you may prefer to hear loving words of encouragement, your husband or wife may feel most loved when you spend time together.

Skydiving in NJ for your anniversary can touch on a number of these love languages simultaneously, and packs an amazing, romantic punch, as well. By arranging a trip to go tandem skydiving in New Jersey, you are engaging in an act of service for your spouse. You will be spending quality time with him or her, both in training and during the experience itself. You will be talking with your spouse, and using those affirming words he or she loves to hear. Physical touch, of course, is an integral part, as well.

Going tandem skydiving in NJ provides couples celebrating their anniversary with a unique means for communicating their commitment in the language of love their spouse understands best.  Whether time, words, action, touch, or gifts, arranging a skydiving adventure as a commemoration of your love will become the shared experience you will both cherish for a lifetime.

Book your tandem skydiving trip with Skydive Jersey today, and have the most thrilling anniversary yet!


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