Rain, rain – Go Away ;)

Man-o-man are we ever looking forward to this weekend’s bright forecast! Far too many days of ill favored weather have saturated these sun deprived bones. I think I left some eyeball residue on the weather.com page, from my eyes being glued to it for the last couple rainy days. And it seems that all my dedicated days, spent focusing my mental powers on weather correction are paying off. Saturday and Sunday look favorable for the altitude inclined ;)

The last few days haven’t been a total loss of course. We got our Vimeo video channel up and running and slung-up some rad new vids. I’ll post a few examples below, along with a few pictures taken from last week, when the sun was a shinin’.

I’ll give a special shout out to the NYC carriage drivers who took a break from their tourist indulging days to come hang out at Skydive Jersey. Thanks for organizing the trip Basil!

Robert at Skydive Jersey

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