Pattenburg House: Home of the Skydiver Special

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Pattenburg House: Home of the Skydiver Special

After an exhilarating day of skydiving, you may build up quite an appetite, and may want to treat yourself to some adult beverages, as well. Luckily, Hunterdon County’s finest bar and grill is only about ten minutes from the field.

Pattenburg House is an historic tavern in Asbury, NJ. Since they opened their doors in the late 19th century (yes, you read that right!), the Pattenburg House has never closed them. Since 1872, the tavern has proudly served everything from craft beers and cocktails to cheesesteaks and chili.

The historic aspects aside, Pattenburg House boasts yet another claim to fame. It is Skydive Jersey’s (somewhat unofficial) favorite watering hole. On any given day, you may spot a handful of jumpmasters on the Pattenburg House outdoor patio enjoying a “staff meeting” over a basket of buffalo shrimp. Just ask for the “skydiver special”, with which the kitchen manager is very familiar.

When you’ve finished savoring one of their signature cheese steaks –made with only the freshest, highest quality chicken and beef—you can play a rousing game of quoits. Quoits is similar to horseshoes, but uses heavy, rubber rings which are tossed – if you’re good – directly onto a metal stake. If quoits isn’t your style, head inside, to challenge your friends to a game of billiards. On Tuesdays, gather around the card table for a round of poker.

As if the amazing, all-American fare weren’t enough, visitors to the Pattenburg House can also enjoy live musical entertainment. On Friday and Saturday nights, the Pattenburg House serves up tasty tunes to appreciative fans. From classic, modern, and Southern rock to blues and jazz, the Pattenburg House caters to an eclectic assortment of musical tastes. For the exceptionally brave, Thursday nights are open mic nights with Karl Dietel.

In addition to the regular live music, this venue also periodically features special events, such as their well-attended Super Bowl parties. For jumpers with a “bit ‘o the Irish”, the Saint Patrick’s Day party in March is particularly fun.

Tania Giordani, bar manager at the Pattenburg House, likens the tavern to central New Jersey’s version of Boston’s fictional Cheers, where everyone really does know your name. The tight knit staff genuinely enjoy interacting with their regular customers, and are always eager to meet someone new. “We’re all one big, happy family,” she says, when describing her relationship with staff and patrons.

With delicious food, live entertainment, and a casual, friendly ambience, you’ll want to be sure to add the Pattenburg House to your “places to eat” list during your visit.


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