Moving into a new Skydiving Season!

The season of budding trees and blooming flowers is fast approaching. I don’t you about you but the first priority on my list is to get some air time, high speed air time! I want to make at least 100 jumps on the first day that we pull the plane out of the hangar… Ok, I’ll probably only physically be able to make 10 jumps, but the thought and the heart for 100 will be there.

It’s been one insanely long month since I made my last jump. And because of the winter we’ve had here, to make that one jump I had to go all the way to Florida, land of the year round skydive. Of course you won’t hear me complaining too much about that trip.

It’s now only about 45 days until we reopen for the season and my calendar is loaded down with x’s over the days of the winter months. For me the countdown is in it’s waning moments and life is tasting a littler sweeter every day. Of course with opening day it’s time to start thinking about my skydiving goals for the year. 2011 is going to have some major action going down and I fully intend to be a part of the big events.

Goal number one: Introduce 1,000 people to skydiving through tandem skydiving.

I’ve been taking people on tandem skydives since I was twenty years old. Now, eight years and 10,000 jumps later, it’s more fun than it’s ever been. Making 1,000 tandem skydives this year means that I get to show 1,000 people exactly why we do this. That’s 1,000 epic adventures. Who knows, if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll be one of the thousand people I get to jump with this year.

Goal number two: World Record 500 way tryouts! BOOM!

In 2013 Dubai is hosting the 500 way world record. While 2013 might seem like an odd goal for 2011, now is when the try outs begin. If you can’t cut the in-air mustard now, they don’t want you then. I’ll be traveling out to SoCal a number of times this year to prove my skills over an exhausting number of technically difficult skydives.

If I think it, I can do it. (That’s my motto for the year ;)

Goal number three: I will fly at least 20 hours in the tunnel! POW!

This one is tricky because I have to travel to do it. But the rewards of tunnel time for a professional skydiver are immense.

Specifically I want to gain better proficiency in vertical relative work. Competition level wouldn’t be too shabby.

Goal number four: Dubai swoop competition.

The annual Dubai swoop competition is quickly becoming the premier event for canopy piloting. Essentially anyone who is anyone is typically in attendance. This year I will make it a priority to be a competitor in attendance.

That pretty much sums up the “small” goals I have set for myself this year. The reality is that if I accomplish 75% of what I have planned for myself, I’ll still be ten feet ahead of the competition.

What are your skydiving goals this year? Whether it’s to make your first jump or your thousandth, Skydive Jersey will be here to help you meet them.


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