Jump into a 70th birthday milestone

Here at Skydive Jersey, we like to think of ourselves in very personal terms. Each customer means a little something different to us. Personally, each time I escort someone through an experience that I know will be as meaningful and lasting as skydiving, I can’t help but feel appreciative of the opportunity I have to show them such an incredible moment.

That’s why when I met Bonnie from Elizabeth NJ I knew it was going to be a special day. Bonnie had come to Skydive Jersey to celebrate her 70th birthday by falling with style. As described by her entourage, Bonnie was seeking to fulfill her lifelong dream of making a jump from an airplane.

As amazing as I already find skydiving with new people on a daily basis, Bonnie’s reason for coming to jump struck an extra positive chord with me. Only a few years earlier I had taken my own grandmother on a skydive for her 70th birthday. I felt like I was going to relive the excitement all over again 😉

The particular day that Bonnie chose for her jump exhibited some unfortunate winds early in the day that caused our appointments to be pushed back a few hours. But this made no difference in her resolve to wait out the wind and make her jump. If anything the winds were a blessing in disguise for Bonnie, as when her turn rolled around it was time for the best jump of the day, the sunset skydive.

Cool as a cucumber while harnessing up, Bonnie was shooting a grin of eagerness that lit up the entire hangar. After a few minutes of instruction she was ready for her first tandem skydive. As we like to say: “it was all over but the cryin’” The sunset made for an amazing plane ride to exit altitude. I could think of no more fitting sky for the moment than the one we were blessed with.

Ready, set, go – Bonnie was screaming through the sky at over 120mph, and loving life!

Her first words to the family when after landing “If I told you what it was like, you’d never believe me in a million years. Amazing.”



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