Holiday Happenings

“Holiday Happenings”

Well it’s certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I love seeing everyone’s holiday lights and decorations popping up around town. Can’t wait for some more snow to top it off! Last week, I was excited to make wreaths with my girlfriends, and just got my first real Christmas tree with my husband yesterday. Now that all the tree decorating is done, I am thinking about what is going to go under it!

A lot of my friends and family have been hinting about how much they want to go skydiving since I started working here. My sister in law has been hinting most of all. Since she just turned 18, I think it would be the perfect gift to celebrate her “adulthood”.

The best part about this gift, is that we are going to split the cost of the skydive among all the siblings so it’s less expensive for everyone. We also got her the video- so she can relive her experience over and over and show all her friends! I know they will all be jealous. The video is definitely a must have… for me, it brings back all the fun and excitement every time I watch it of my first jump!

I love how professional the gift certificates look, and I think I am going to fool my sister in law by wrapping it in a huge box with lots of tissue paper and packing peanuts. It will keep her guessing until she finds the black, sleek certificate inside. She will have no idea! I am so excited to pass on the most incredible thing I have ever done! I want to share this amazing experience with everyone!

That’s all for now… I hope everyone has the most sensational holidays and we get lots of snow!


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