Hi there Skydive Jersey fans!

With February 10th upon us already, it looks like skydiving season will be in full swing very soon. I for one am amped!

Just this week we pulled all the equipment out of storage and gave it the pre-season once-over. All the lines were checked, the fabric tested, harness material inspected and altimeters calibrated. Of course, since we only use the best equipment, there wasn’t much in the way of repairs necessary. Everything looked a-go to us.

Our aircraft are in the midst of their annual checkup and pre-season inspections. Everything is equally as green-light on that front too. We’re happy to announce that we’ll have a new addition to our fleet this year. She’s one pretty bird, stand by for pictures in an upcoming blog.

Now all that’s missing is you!

This season make a commitment to yourself. Make a commitment to get out and do something exciting, something crazy, something – unexpected. And bring a few friends with you. Skydiving is the perfect way for a group of friends to spend the day relaxing and sharing great memories. Remember, Skydive Jersey has a picnic area and plenty of open field for you and your friends to enjoy.

Don’t forget that the Pre-Spring special expires on February 25th.

See you this spring!

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