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AFF (Accelerated Free Fall)

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For those who wish to move beyond the Tandem Skydiving experience and seek the more advanced techniques of sport skydiving, Accelrated Free fall classes are for you. AFF is the most advanced method of training new skydivers. Before your first jump you will attend a training class that lasts about four hours. This course will teach you the fundamentals of skydiving and prepare you for your first jump. Your jump is made under the direct supervision of two USPA rated AFF jumpmasters who provide direct assistance during the exit and freefall. You will have the opportunity to deploy your own parachute. Once your parachute has deployed, you will control a solo descent back to the dropzone with some assistance from the Skydive Jersey staff, via the use of our ground to air communication system.


What is Accelerated Free Fall?

Accelerated Free Fall is also known as the “harness hold” method of teaching new skydivers. On the first three levels of instruction instructors will literally have hand grips on parts of the student harness. They assist by flashing hand signals in front of the student’s face to communicate corrective actions required of the student. If necessary the instructors will also signal to the student when it is time to deploy and in some cased deploy the parachute for the student.


Instructor Certification?

Who can be a tandem skydiving instructor? In the United States we have laws regarding who may make a skydive with a prospective tandem student such as yourself. Instructors are required to have been associated with sport skydiving for a minimum of three years and completed at least 500 solo free fall jumps.

Once these requirements have been met the instructor is eligible to attend a United States Parachute Association Tandem Instructor course where they will be educated in all things Tandem Safety.

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