Four Generations Go Skydiving in NJ


When Skydive Jersey co-owner Chuck Owen first heard that four generations of Detrick men were planning a to go skydiving in NJ, he was excited, but not surprised. “It’s not uncommon at all to see two generations jumping together, but it’s certainly a great treat to participate in one as rare as a four-generation skydive.”

From 18-year-old Nathan to 88-year-old Bob “Pop Pop” Detrick, these men arent the type to shy away from challenges. Nathans father and grandfather, Daryl and Dave, aged 43 and 65 respectively, rounded out the New Jersey nativesquartet.

Nathan received the skydiving gift certificate as a birthday gift from his father. He then asked his great-grandfather on Father’s Day, partially joking, if he would join him. According to Nathan, Bob thought about it for a minute, and then said, “I’m in.” Once Bob was on board, they encouraged Daryl and Dave to make the leap with them, and the rest, as they say, is history. The group has since appeared on major morning news programs describing their jump.

Thanks to Skydive Jerseys professional HD video of the event, the Detricks can relive their special day again and again. The youngest Detrick, Nathan posted a link to the video on his Facebook page so his friends and relatives could enjoy it, as well.  His father followed suit.

Though many inquired about whether the Detricks were frightened or hesitant, the answers always mirrored the same sentiment. They were excited about the event and grateful to be afforded the opportunity to be doing it together. Family bonding is important to the Detricks. Nathan plans to continue with the sport and go skydiving in NJ again very soon.

Bob, the eldest member of the quartet, has talked about his incredible experience in church and sees it also as an opportunity to share his faith. His grandson, Daryl, is particularly proud of him. “It has been a week like no other. So glad we could experience this as a family. My grandfather is especially loving it. They don’t get this type of excitement at the assisted living center normally.”

Following the well-publicized jump, one of the professionals at the drop zone joked with Nathan, saying “Be careful on your drive home. Its the most dangerous thing youll do all day.”

Despite some persistent beliefs to the contrary, he was absolutely correct. According to the United States Parachute Association (USPA), skydiving in NJ is actually one of the safest sports, and its safety statistics improve almost every year. “Skydive Jerseys safety record is stellar,” said Owen. “We pride ourselves on ensuring that our students, our instructors, our training programs, and our equipment are all up to safety standard before anyone leaves the ground.”

Ready to go Skydiving in NJ?

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