The Exquisite Rush of Tandem Skydiving

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The Exquisite Rush of Tandem Skydiving

Maybe this year’s New Year’s resolution contained it. Perhaps you were recently inspired by a friend’s jump story or an article you noticed in the paper or online. For some, it has been on their bucket list for years.

Regardless of how you arrived at the decision to go tandem skydiving in Jersey, you have heard about the mind-blowing rush, and you want to know more. You want to wrap your head around how it will feel to leap from a plane over the pristine NJ countryside and then safely float back to earth.

Tandem skydiving in NJ provides the ultimate rush in the ultimate setting. Because you are tethered to an exceptionally well-trained, highly experienced instructor, your only job is to enjoy the ride. Though the unique rush of skydiving in NJ is difficult to fully capture in words, it does have parallels many of us have already experienced at some level.

The Tandem Skydiving Experience

Close your eyes, and remember the experience of falling in love. In your mind’s eye, conjure the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, catching your breath when you see the object of your affection, and being in a perpetual state of blissful anticipation. For many, the experience of falling in love parallels what it is like to train for your jump, ascend in the plane, and feel the wind on your face as you prepare to step out into the air.

When you first step into the air, your instructor literally at your back, you will experience a rush like no other. And because that experienced, well-trained instructor is tethered to your back, you are freed to fully immerse yourself in the event. Instead of concentrating on proper chute deployment procedure or altimeter readings, your attention is laser-focused on a single aspect of skydiving: the experience itself.

It surprises many new jumpers that you do not, initially at least, experience a falling sensation. When you first exit the plane, the visual cues are such that your brain doesn’t register the experience one akin to a fall.

Instead, you feel as if you are flying. Flying. In the freefall portion of the ride, you can move laterally, spin, and turn through the air. The exhilarating feeling of the freedom of flight and the accompanying adrenaline rush will blow you away.

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It is this rush – this exquisite feeling of pure freedom – that brings so many jumpers back to Alexandria Field and Skydive Jersey time and time again. Book your skydive trip, call us at 866-669-3020 or fill out a form today!


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