Construction of the new shade area!

Exciting things happening at Skydive Jersey

We’re very happy to announce that the construction of the new shade area is going well. The area will be gradually finished over the next two weeks and should be ready for everyones enjoyment by mid April.

The new shade area is attached to our hangar and extends further toward the landing area than our main doors. Customers will now be able to enjoy watching their friends and family land from the shaded hang out spot (of course you can still walk to the edge of the field if you wish).

The area will feature playground mulch and new picnic tables. Now, more than ever, Skydive Jersey is becoming a true get away. See you soon!

Check out some pictures of our progress.

P.S. – We would like to thank Linda and Bill of Alexandria Field for all the help they’ve extended to Skydive Jersey. Without them, none of this would be possible.


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