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Skydiving Near New York City


Skydiving is one of the world’s most exciting sports. It’s a sport even rank amateurs can fully enjoy, but also offers a lifetime of challenge for seasoned professionals. Whether you are skydiving for the first time or are closing in on your hundredth jump, you will find no shortage of facilities from which to choose.

The Unites States Parachuting Association (USPA) estimates there are nearly 250 approved drop zones in North America which operate according to the USPA’s safety guidelines for students and experienced jumpers. There are many facilities from which to choose in the tri-state area, and several offer skydiving near New York City. There are 14 facilities in New York, 8 in Pennsylvania, and 5 in New Jersey.

So what makes Skydive Jersey so special?

We’re glad you asked. The “three Ps” are what set Skydive Jersey apart from the competition. When choosing a facility at which to skydive in NJ, or anywhere for that matter, always check out the product, the people, and the passion. When you find a facility that excels in all three, you’ve hit the jackpot. And that is precisely what Skydive Jersey has accomplished since its founding in 2011.

The Product

  • Safety

As an official USPA group member, Skydive Jersey’s commitment to ensuring the safety of staff and students is unparalleled. From fully licensed trainers to impeccably checked and re-checked equipment, safety is our number one priority.

  • Facilities

Great facilities for skydiving take into account not only the skydiver him or herself, but also the friends and family who have come along to watch and support. At Skydive Jersey, we make sure your cheerleaders are well taken care of, and will have a prime viewing spot to watch you enjoy the experience of a lifetime. We’ve even got picnic tables and provide sports equipment like Frisbees and balls for you and your guests to enjoy.

  • Equipment

There is much more to skydiving equipment that just the parachutes. The plane, the jumpsuits, even the weather monitoring systems – all must work together to provide a safe, enjoyable experience. At Skydive Jersey, attention to detail is key in terms of equipment. No detail is overlooked.

  • Extras

Having to rent a car and find your way to a drop zone can be a hassle if you’re flying in from out of town. Not with Skydive Jersey, though. Our shuttle service makes the experience fun and hassle free.

The People

At Skydive Jersey, our people are our most valued asset. From packers to pilots, if you are working for Skydive Jersey, you are top notch. We employ only the best people to ensure that our customers have the best experience. Compromise isn’t an option for us.

The Passion

Skydiving is more than a business for us. It’s a way of life. Our passion for the sport is palpable, and really has to be experienced to be appreciated. You’ll hear it in the words of your instructor, you’ll see it in the friendly grin of your pilot, and you’ll feel it in every interaction with our awesome support staff. We love what we do, and we want you to love it, too!


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