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Getting a Skydiving License: What to Know

Getting a Skydiving License: What to Know There are four different types of skydiving license levels, the A, B, C, or D license. Learn more about each one here. Skydiving A License The A license is the most basic skydiving license. Those who have their A license are able to perform solo jumps without any instructor […]

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Types of skydiving

Types of Skydiving

Types of Skydiving What Kind of Skydiving is Available to You? Have you ever dreamed of feeling the rush of wind beneath you as you soar through the blue sky? Feel like you missed your calling as a paratrooper? Or simply seeking your next adrenaline rush? Adventure enthusiasts rejoice: skydiving has become a popular hobby […]

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skydiving videos

Our Favorite Skydiving Videos

Our Favorite Skydiving Videos There’s really nothing quite like experiencing a first person perspective of flying through the air at 100+ MPH. Recent virtual reality technology may allow for a fairly exciting viewing experience, but there really is no comparison when it comes to the build-up of the flight, jump and release of the parachute […]

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tandem skydiving equipment

What to Wear Tandem Skydiving

What to Wear Tandem Skydiving Skydiving is an exhilarating sport and an adventurous way to make new memories. Tandem skydiving is the perfect way for beginners to take a leap – and jump into a new hobby. It is also the ideal style for the one-time jumper just looking to cross off the biggest item […]

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skydiving student

Skydiving Myths

Skydiving Myths – Debunked Every new skydiver has questions—even some experienced ones do, too — and a lot of these questions have to do with safety and the mechanics of the sport. Unfortunately, many are misinformed due to a number of common skydiving myths. Whether you’re about to take your first jump or your hundredth, […]

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Skydiving Records

Famous Skydiving Records If you were to ask nearly anyone what skydiving is, the answers would be relatively intelligent and somewhat accurate. If you were to ask these same people about the awards and records set by aerial acrobatics, many may not be aware of the achievements that daredevils and thrill seekers have accomplished. Over […]

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Skydiving in Chicago

Best Places to Skydive in the World

Best Places to Skydive in the World Skydiving gives enviable views of the ground below, and that’s why jumping in new places can be so exciting. Some people like to dine their way through new places, and others may enjoy surfing. We prefer free-falling from 13,000 feet in the air. Here are some of the […]

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Fear of Flying Help: How to Overcome Acrophobia

Fear of Flying Help: How to Overcome Acrophobia To some people, skydiving is the thrill of a lifetime, an adrenaline rush unparalleled by any other activity. Those that consider themselves skydiving enthusiasts, go back hundreds, even thousands of times, to experience the exhilarating feeling over and over again. For others in the general population, the […]

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skydiving age requirements

How Old Do You Have to be to Skydive?

Age Requirements for Skydiving Tandem skydiving is a sport for thrill seekers, to be sure. While flying free outside of a plane at 14,000 feet and 120 mph is an awesome experience, most adults have an idea of the risks involved with that experience. Children, however, tend to get excited by the idea of an […]

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skydiving vs bungee jumping

Skydiving Parachutes

Everyone knows that, when you skydive, you must deploy a parachute in order to reach the ground safely. But most people don’t realize what an advanced piece of technology that little piece of fabric is, or how far parachutes have come since the early days of skydiving. History of Parachutes The first known concept drawing […]

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