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The Best Skydiving in NJ

The best Skydiving in NJ. This year Skydive Jersey is moving and a shakin’. Last season proved a banner year for our operation. Our instructors jumped with tandem students from all over the tri-state area and manufactured over 5,000 brand new smiles. We even set some personal milestones and surpassed a few business goals along […]

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Hi there Skydive Jersey fans!

With February 10th upon us already, it looks like skydiving season will be in full swing very soon. I for one am amped! Just this week we pulled all the equipment out of storage and gave it the pre-season once-over. All the lines were checked, the fabric tested, harness material inspected and altimeters calibrated. Of […]

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Ready for spring yet? ME TOO!!

Spring is almost here. Not that winter has really come yet… But whatever, I’m certainly not complaining. Pretty soon it will be a skydiving paradise above New York City and Jersey! Birthday parties, bachelor parties, engagement parties, valentines skydives, first hoorah’s and last hoorah’s of every sort will bring people together here at Skydive Jersey. […]

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Is Skydiving in NJ Seasonal?

“How come you guys don’t jump in the winter?” My first response to this question is invariably – BRRRRR!!!!! And then I give a horrid look as if I’ve been frozen to death. Ok, so maybe it’s not quite THAT bad, but it’s certainly cold this time of year. With altitude gain comes temperature loss, […]

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Holiday Happenings

“Holiday Happenings” Well it’s certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I love seeing everyone’s holiday lights and decorations popping up around town. Can’t wait for some more snow to top it off! Last week, I was excited to make wreaths with my girlfriends, and just got my first real Christmas tree with my […]

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Jump into a 70th birthday milestone

Here at Skydive Jersey, we like to think of ourselves in very personal terms. Each customer means a little something different to us. Personally, each time I escort someone through an experience that I know will be as meaningful and lasting as skydiving, I can’t help but feel appreciative of the opportunity I have to […]

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Rain, rain – Go Away ;)

Man-o-man are we ever looking forward to this weekend’s bright forecast! Far too many days of ill favored weather have saturated these sun deprived bones. I think I left some eyeball residue on the page, from my eyes being glued to it for the last couple rainy days. And it seems that all my […]

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Keep current with our Sky Blog!

Most of you have probably flown in some type of airplane before. Likely it was a large, high volume passenger plane designed to monotonously transport you from point-A (home) to point-B (Family Holidays). Perhaps you get to experience a few such trips per year and have grown accustomed to the rigors of preparation associated with […]

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Moving into a new Skydiving Season!

The season of budding trees and blooming flowers is fast approaching. I don’t you about you but the first priority on my list is to get some air time, high speed air time! I want to make at least 100 jumps on the first day that we pull the plane out of the hangar… Ok, […]

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