About Skydive Jersey

Formed in 2011 by two skydivers with nothing but a tiny Cessna and a love for blue skies, Skydive Jersey has now become the premiere skydiving facility for jumpers in the tri-state area, serving New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Skydive Jersey specializes in tandem jumps, meaning each student is paired up with an instructor for the duration of the jump. Tandem skydiving is the method of choice for inexperienced jumpers as it puts very little responsibility on the student, allowing them to simply relax and enjoy the experience. And what an experience it is! First, take a 15 minute plane ride over the Delaware River Valley as you climb to altitude. Feel the air rush in when the door is opened, and brace yourself for the most intense 60 seconds of your life. Your instructor will give you a “Ready, set, go!”leading into a full minute of free fall at speeds of over 120 mph. Some people smile, some laugh, some scream, but everyone comes back to Earth glad that they took the plunge. Check out the rest of the site for details on our brand new facility, plane, and shuttle, all just acquired for the 2014 season. Be sure to visit the media page  as well to see photos and videos of happy customers!